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Thematic Workshops, Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WKA. Frontiers in Imaging & Spectroscopy
Organizers: Gayle Woloschak (APS, Northwestern Univ.), Jeff Guest (CNM), Ilke Arslan (EMC, Univ. of CA at Davis)
Description and Agenda

WKB. Emergent Interfacial Phenomena
Organizers: Paul Fenter (APS, Argonne CSE), Olle Heinonen and Tiffany Santos (CNM, Argonne MSD & CNM), Robert Klie (EMC, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago)
Description and Agenda

WKC. In situ Phenomena in Catalysis
Organizers: Jeff Miller (APS, Argonne CSE), Jeff Greeley (CNM), Judy Yang (EMC, Univ. Pittsburgh)
Description and Agenda

Facility-Specific Workshops, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

APS Workshops

APS WK1 (Full Day) Soft X-ray Crystallography
Organizers: Bi-Cheng Wang, John Rose, Gerold Rosenbaum, and John Chrzas
Description and Agenda

APS WK2 (Full Day) Beyond Decade 3: Synchrotron-based SAS in the Era of Complex Energy-related Materials
Organizers: B. Freelon, J. Ilavsky, P. Jemian, R. Winans, and P. J. Vicarro
Description and Agenda

APS WK3 (Full Day) Opportunities in Magnetic, Atomic, and Molecular Dynamics with a Short Pulse Soft X-ray Source
Organizers: David Keavney, Eric Dufresne, and Yuelin Li
Description and Agenda

APS WK4 (Full Day) Intermediate-Energy X-rays: A Window Into Collective Behavior in Interacting Electron Systems
Organizers: Peter Abbamonte, Juan-Carlos Campuzano, and Jessica McChesney
Description and Agenda

APS WK5 (Half Day) Advances in Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS)
Organizers: Diego Casa, Mary Upton, Jung Ho Kim, and Thomas Gog
Description and Agenda

APS WK8 (Half Day) Inelastic X-ray Scattering at APS-U New Ideas of Application and Methodology within the APS Upgrade
Organizers: Ercan Alp, Ayman Said, Ahmet Alatas, Jiyong Zhao, and Bogdan Leu
Description and Agenda


CNM Workshop

CNM WK6 (Full Day)  Photoinduced Charge Transfer in Nanostructures
Organizers: Gary Wiederrecht and Matt Pelton
Description and Agenda

EMC Workshops

EMC WK7 (Half Day) Advances and Novel Applications of Focused Ion Beam Microscopy
Organizer:  Charudatta Phatak
Description and Agenda

EMC WK9 (Half Day) EMC User Science
Organizer:  Martin Kocanda
Description and Agenda


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